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X-POSEIT is a windows-based application, designed to perform certain procedures used in diagnostic radiology, oral radiology in particular. It has been developed in cooperation with users, to achieve the desired functionality while preserving a logical and consistent user interface. Although it has been developed for handling large quantities of image-data typically associated with research projects, X-POSEIT can easily be used to evaluate individual sets of radiographs.

The main application is radiograph subtraction. Prior to performing the actual subtraction of two radiographs, a number of pre-subtraction operations must be applied to the source radiographs, and after the subtraction image is generated, tools are required to analyze the result and extract specific data from the resulting image in a post-subtraction processing. X-POSEIT facilitates both pre- and post-subtraction functionality, as well as other general image handling facilities, all listed in the following.


  • Import of most common image formats, including TIFF, GIF and JPEG.
  • Image-database with thumbnail representation of images, for image-data storage.
  • GUI for defining fix-points (landmarks) in images.
  • GUI for defining Region Of Interest(s) (ROI’s) in images.
  • Scripting language for defining subtraction parameters.
  • Batch-job facility for processing large data amounts.
  • Algorithms for matching image geometry prior to subtraction.
  • Algorithms for matching image intensity/contrast prior to subtraction.
  • Functions to extract statistical parameters from resulting image.
  • Facilities to present results for interactive online evaluation.
  • Facilities for exporting results to MS Access™ database.
  • Zoom/pan, Brightness, Contrast, Gamma and Pseudo coloring of result.